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Private Chamber or Personal Room is an instance area of the Free Company house that is unique for every player. There can be up to 512 private chambers in each house. Players will be able to decorate their rooms with any indoor furniture. The size of the room is slightly larger than the small house.

Private Chambers is a mid-level Dungeon for a group of three players. Traveler Set Rare Grade (Blue) lvl ~29. Einsworth Set/Accessories Grand Grade (Green) lvl ~31-32. Basic Items lvl ~31. Instant Potion Concentrate. G1 Gem. Health Potions lvl 30. Tier 3 Dungeon Ticket.

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Private Chambers. С патчем 2.3 если ваша Free Company приобрела дом, вы можете купить себе в этом доме комнату.

(The VHS cover for "New York Nights," one of the films, is in the background.) #marilynchambers. Private Chambers: The Marilyn Chambers Online Archive added 2 new photos.

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