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Honey Temptation (ハニーテンプテーション Hanī Tenputēshon?) is Cure Honey's main attack with the use of the Innocent Form. It debuted in episode 35. Cure Honey's pen lights up with a yellow color and the yellow button on the Shining Make Dresser is pressed twice.

pixie-late. #angelic pretty #honey cake.

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Papa vs pretty honey solo. Description : Did a quick solo. Such a badass song :) sorry i go out of frame a bit.

The set is in good condition, but does show signs of age. The colors are still pretty vibrant on the JSK, but I do feel like it shows a little aging considering its from years ago.

As far as meme stars go (or memays, as they're now affectionately known), they don't come much more elite than Gemma Collins and Honey Boo Boo.

If there is one thing out there that I want to do its to make others smile I might not be prefect Ok I'm not even close but what I can do is make you Laugh Y...

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Трек. Love Like Honey. amended album version. Исполнитель: Pretty Ricky. Радио.
Изображение из фильма : Love Like Honey — Pretty Ricky. Слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

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